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Shangchai Diesle Enignes on XCMG Crane

Others can't do it - XCMG XCT25's 'best' record:
Longest service life in the industry.Xinjiang is sparsely populated, and maintenance is inconvenient and time-consuming.The crane that a won't give a problem easily, just be first selection.According to a crane user survey conducted by green market research, XCMG customers gave a high score of 9.5 out of 10 for the crane brand, especially for reliability and stability.
The most fuel efficient.XCT25 crane, lightweight design, plus power and hydraulic system depth matching, energy-saving effect is obvious.Green market research shows that XCT25 crane, the same workload, fuel saving 18%, saving 30%.
The longest and strongest u-shaped main arm of the same level, more working conditions, more leisurely.
The same level of maximum leg span, more robust, more secure.

Most accurate hoisting;The lowest speed of winch is 4mm/s and the lowest speed of rotation is 0.1c/s.

Most compact and dexterous.Lightweight, compact design, flexible access to more venues.
Strongest climb.Low speed high torque system, easy to climb 45% of the high slope.
Fastest acceleration.The maximum speed is 90 km/h.
The most intelligent.13 "intelligent applications" such as vehicle condition monitoring and hoisting condition monitoring;Through the touch screen, you can select the working condition and operation mode, and the vehicle automatically completes the main arm extension.
Maximum heat resistance.In addition to real-time display of lifting information, the user can directly touch the screen, the selection of working conditions, the system automatically identified, the main arm extended in place, to a large extent to liberate the labor of the operator.
Most resistant to low temperature.XCMG XCT25 is easy to hit at very low temperature in xinjiang, with good cryogenic aerodynamic performance.The wide wheels even work directly on snow and ice.
The most convenient.The new type hook fixing device can be directly locked after the hook is placed.Rotary locking pin, overturning the traditional mechanical locking mode, sitting in the control room by pulling the handle can be completed.

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